Chair:  Hannah McIntyre,

The Youth Leadership Ministry of Transylvania Presbytery exists to foster the leadership opportunities and abilities of youth within the presbytery and host events that foster relationships and community amongst the youth of the presbytery. The Youth Leadership Ministry will be comprised of youth and the willing college, adult, elder or lay people who will facilitate the growth, leadership, decision making, and gathering of the youth.

The Youth Leadership Ministry seeks to:

Develop events programs specifically designed to gather youth from the churches of the presbytery. We will strive to upbuild relationships amongst the youth from all churches of the presbytery, building relationships with pastors and lay people doing youth ministry throughout the presbytery. We will strive to be creative, genuine, and balanced in our approach to providing events and programs for all youth of the presbytery equally.

Foster leadership opportunities and abilities for youth of the presbytery. The inner organization of the Youth Leadership Ministry will be designed to give youth the decision-making power about events and programming of the ministry. We will strive to teach youth about leadership, identity, and discernment through mentorship and specific education. The Youth Leadership Ministry will also uplift youth for leadership positions within the wider presbytery and denomination.

Encourage college-age and adult youth leaders across the presbytery. The members of the Youth Leadership Ministry will be intergenerational and diverse from within the presbytery. We hope to further foster the enthusiasm youth develop for church leadership by making room for them when they are college-aged and young adults mentor and facilitate youth as they once were.

Promote wider denominational youth events. The opportunity to attend larger denominational youth events is invaluable for all youth. We will strive to make access to denominational events easier and more equitable by incorporating them into our event and programming calendar and fostering education and excitement for them throughout the presbytery.

Upcoming Events

Presbytery Summer Camp at Burnamwood