Urban Village

Three years ago Transylvania Presbytery endorsed the development of a new worshipping community in Nicholasville. Today, we are nearing the completion and start date of the Urban Village Community Center. Much work and prayer has gone into the renovation and upfitting of the building located on 201 S. First Street, Nicholasville.

Presently, the Urban Village Community Center is upfitted with a parkour gym, martial art and fitness equipment for children and youth ages 4-14 and adults. It is our hope that this center will not only serve as a gathering place for physical activity, but also a place where children, youth and families can find a spiritual home. As relationships grow, this ministry will also include opportunities for spiritual growth through worship, biblical education, and Christian fellowship.

As a vital ministry of Transylvania Presbytery, there is a need for your continued involvement in the growth and development of Urban Village Community Center. This involvement includes both volunteer service and monetary gifts toward scholarships.

As we assess our partnership needs for the coming year, the Nicholasville Steering Committee would like to ask you to consider partnering with us through

  • Including this ministry in your ministry budget
  • Volunteering at the center
  • Joining our steering team

The gift of scholarships will provide funding for membership fees for participants who cannot afford the tuition. “We hope you will prayerfully consider building a line item into your budget to provide much needed funds for scholarships, to support staff costs and operating expenses for this new worshiping community”

Because Urban Village operates under strict vulnerable persons safety guidelines, volunteers are necessary on an on-call basis or regular scheduled participation. Volunteer tasks may include check-in or floor monitoring, event planning and participation, yard work and cleaning/light maintenance in the building oversight.

The Steering team is also in need of volunteers who can meet regularly (via zoom or in-person) to oversee the financial and budgetary needs of the ministry, building and grounds maintenance, personnel, and general operation of the ministry.

Thank you for considering including the Nicholasville Urban Village as a part of your church’s vital ministry. Feel free to reach out to Beth Garrod-Logsdon with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you as together we seek to share the love and good news of Christ in the Nicholasville community.

Beth Garrod-Logsdon, Director