The Spring Missional Church Conference, April 25-27

Missional Conference Details

Church Revitalization & Development

Coming alongside leaders and congregations through:

Revitalization – inserting “new” life and strength into current ministries.

Development – establishing new missional opportunities

Common Questions:

1. How can I focus on following Jesus faithfully if my church buildings are falling apart? Or my worship or community life no longer seems to inspire?

2. How do I ensure I’m following the Spirit’s instructions for being Christ’s church in the present?

3. Am I a leader of a church that may long to make a bold decision about the direction of its ministry but is not sure where to begin?

You Are Not Alone!

The Presbytery of Transylvania’s Church Revitalization & Development team is willing and able to support and come beside your church’s leadership. We will respond if you just believe it is important to assess whether your congregation is ready to ask and answer those questions!

What The CRD Team Has To Offer…Revitalization through Resourcing

New Beginnings (LINK) – Offering churches an initial framework for decision making with respect to discerning its current mission in its community.

NOTE: Once there is a decision, the CRD team will come alongside pastors, church leaders and congregants who have chosen to seek the Spirit’s input into the future of their ministries. By using this and/or other assessments we will provide support with the implementation.

Holy Cow Consulting Firm (LINK) – This may be a helpful resource when congregations do not have the leadership to initiate and to complete an assessment process or have the funds to use a consulting firm.

Lay Mobilization Institute (LINK)  – The Lay Mobilization Institute is a discipling process that refocuses the pastor from being the primary provider of training and allows all — pastor and congregational members — to influence each other’s gifts and experiences.

Holy Conversations (paperback)-  Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for Congregations. By: Gil Rendle.

Transforming Church-  Bringing Out the Good to Get to Great (paperback) by: Kevin Ford

Written & Video Stories

Examples of How Churches in Our Presbytery Are Responding to God’s Leading