Congregational Issues

The Congregational Issues Commission will work with congregations that need assistance in dealing with concerns related to congregational life that are not only conflict situations, but for which outside consultation might be helpful. This commission will work closely with the Leadership Development Ministry to help focus resources on congregational health and vitality.

  • The commission will work closely with the Pastoral Transitions Commission if issues arise in congregations with temporary pastors or congregations that are in transition.
  • This commission will assist congregations with any difficult issues that arise, including conflictual situations and complaints involving the actions of teaching and ruling elders. Installed teaching elders may initiate a request for assistance from the commission; ruling elders and congregation members also may contact the commission for assistance.
  • Formal complaints that rise to the level of a disciplinary case will not be handled by this commission, but will be referred to the Presbytery’s Permanent Judicial Commission.
  • The commission will also undertake other responsibilities as assigned by the Presbytery or Coordinating Commission. This commission may recruit, seek additional help and build teams with people not on the commission for short-term projects when necessary.


Presbytery of Transylvania

PO Box 23580
Lexington, KY 40523
Phone: 859-264-8867

  • Rev. Mike Ward, Chair, Honorably Retired
  • Elder Jennifer Marsh, Ruling Elder, Corbin Presbyterian Church
  • Rev. Roger Dermody, Validated Ministry
  • Elder Candace Purdom, Ruling Elder, Perryville Presbyterian Church
  • Elder Katherine Redmond, Teaching Elder, Retired